THE PROCESS of working with our Video Production Agency.


We're based in Los Angeles and we work with clients from all over the world. Sometimes clients come to Los Angeles for our filming services and other times we go to wherever you are- from California, Chicago, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Las Vegas and New York. Wherever we are, we bring our award-winning ingenuity with us.

Check out our reel, and contact us to get a quote.

Here's what you can expect when working with us.

First Contact

Call or email, it doesn’t matter. We want to hear from you. Tell us about your vision and your budget for the video. We can figure out what's possible creatively and technically to make your vision a reality once we know your budget for the project.

We’ll learn all about you; what makes your business or brand special. And we’ll figure out what kind of video would best represent you--because one size does not fit all.

We’ll ask a lot of questions, and we’ll do some serious listening. We’ll be open and honest about what we think and give a few suggestions. After this initial contact, we'll deliberate and hopefully decide to work on your project.


Here's where the fun begins. We’ll work with you to develop your concept and write your script. We write most of the videos we create. We're cool with collaborating with advertising agencies too. We’ll help you tell a story that connects with your audience, communicates your message, and gets them to take action.

We'll also get the ball rolling for the film shoot. This involves scouting locations, casting actors, providing our film crew, and many other things. We take pride in our videos and the level of expertise and attention to detail that we put into our productions is unwavering.


The next step is actually shooting your video. We use the latest cinema cameras, high-end lighting and grip equipment, and crews who really know their stuff. All directed by yours truly, to work with you to craft a story that exceeds expectations.


Now we put it all together to create the final product. We're great at Hollywood-level visual effects (VFX), editing, motion graphics, color grading, audio mixing and sweetening. If you need custom commercial music for your video, we can provide a production composer to help your video stand head-and-shoulders above the competition.

We'll be working with you throughout the process and will stay in constant communication for you to view works-in-progress and offer suggestions. These talks will range from phone, Skype and person-to-person.